The Art & Science Of Networking

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Face-to-Face Communication in Social Business Environments
Business networking events can be an excellent source of quality connections for your sales and account management teams, providing them with great opportunities to shine as brand ambassadors for your organization. Most companies know this and make the investments in event sponsorships and association memberships with the hope that their sales teams will “just know” or “figure out” how to make the most of them. The truth is that most people – even sales professionals – are not born networkers and generally don’t plan much before attending an event beyond what time to leave.

This is not because they are lazy or too busy. It is because they haven’t been trained.

Don’t get me wrong – of course companies spend time, resources, and money to train their sales teams on the products and services they represent, cold calling, lead nurturing, pipeline management, consultative behaviors, preparing thorough proposals, and overcoming objections. More progressive organizations invest in presentation skills or etiquette training. Employers may also believe that leveraging social media is the same skill as face-to-face self-promotion as well.

Unfortunately, these assumptions fail to recognize that walking alone into a room filled with strangers to find someone to sell to is hard – really hard and intimidating, and often results can be elusive.

Achieve your Fundraising, Sales, and Sponsorship Goals with training for your non-profit, board of directors, or sales team.

Turn obligations into opportunities and provide a proven process for making the most of every business event with our workshop, The Art & Science of Networking™. Conducted throughout southern California since 2009, The Art & Science of Networking system turns event attendees into Networking Artists. Hundreds of professionals of all titles and levels have leveraged this training to elevate their personal investment in events and reap the rewards that come from using our system.

With tools and tips that can be used immediately, The Art & Science of Networking is fun and interactive. The two-hour workshop is best suited to groups of 12-15 attendees and includes exercises and simulations. We customize each training to meet your company’s goals, and if desired it can be presented as a series of shorter sessions. There are also options to add one-on-one coaching, post-workshop refreshers, and specialized instruction for sales leaders.

Increase the ROI of corporate event sponsorships and memberships with this interactive workshop.

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