Event Elevator Speech – EES

You may already be familiar with the idea of an “Elevator Speech” – you have 30 seconds in the elevator with the CEO to introduce yourself what do you say?  At RetroFresh we recognize the importance of clearly and concisely communicating your value, and want you to be prepared for that event “elevator” encounter with the CEO.

Here are the steps to developing your Event Elevator Speech™

Elements of the Event ES
a. Name, Company name, something memorable
b. What problem you solve
c. Your perfect prospective customer
d. The Line: Do you know of anyone who could benefit from this solution?

Example EES: Watch this example of my EES.

Top Two EES Rules:
a. You go second
i. Ask them leading questions to learn about what pain they address
ii. Ask clarifying questions to discover their ideal prospective customer
iii. Ask for examples of clients and how they were able to help them
b. Tell them how they can help you

Connect with us and we will send you a copy of our EES Worksheet to help you develop your own personal Event Elevator Speech.

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